PROMAT on the map

Google map of PROMAT
I´ve discovered Google´s map function – so here you have the PROMAT project´s map of Matagalpa. Provincial borders a shown. At the top you see the Apenas reservoir in Jinotega, at the bottom the Northern edge of Lake Managua. The bluish dots in Matagalpa´s western corner are the rice plantations of the Sebaco valley.

As you can see, PROMAT works in the central cordillera (coffee, beans), in the dry southern zone (beef cattle), and the older areas of felled rain forest stretching toward the Carribean (dairy cattle). We don´t work in the rice zone nor in the younger zones of felled rain forest farther East.

The link below will bring to the map, which gives you places, details, pictures and links about the farmers´organizations who work with us in Matagalpa.

See the map at Google-maps


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