Otra vez con cheles

Otra vez con cheles...

“So here we are, once again with palefaces.”So said Juan Segundo to his wife when I arrived at his home in April, 1991. And here we again, with a new brigade…

It is Sunday, we are at the Estelimar Centre in Esteli. The brigade is in town for a week long Spanish course before they leave for the village.

Ove and I have just led a development game, where each of the brigade’s members played a member of a village development committee in the village. The committee had to arrive at an agreement on which of 5 projects the village should solicit. Who gets his way? The liberal cattle farmer Don Pedro? The Sandinista committee chairman Frederico, with his ties to the CPC ( the Council of Citizens´Power)? The strong but disillusioned school teacher Linda? Or the small farmer Elmer, who drinks a bit too much?

Now, in the picture, the brigadistas are off to their hotel.

Yesterday I gave them my “usual” introduction to farmer’s culture in Nicaragua. And in the morning, before our development workshop, Maggan and I had taken a trip to Jinotega to bring the last of the “tijeras” ( camp beds), that the brigade will need in the village.

Today, while I am writing this, the brigade is on its way to Jinotega. Tomorrow by this time, they will be sitting in a rocking chicken bus on their way to “their” village. Experiencing the first sight of the mountains that will become “theirs”, noses and eyes filled with dust, heads filled with thoughts and anticipitations that they are thinking for the first time and never will forget.

Maggan asked to be cut out of the picture above, but here she is, all the same:

Otra vez con cheles...Otra vez con cheles...Oso & Luz på udflugt

As you can seen we brought our dog Oso and also Luz, a fugitive from the school, where Maggan works. The director is planning a campaign to rid the grounds of the unsanitary street dogs that make the school (and the kids´ lunch leftovers) their home. Luz will be living with us until we find a home for her.

(Originally posted on my Danish blog on Feb. 5, 2008)


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