Xiloa in the dry season

Xiloa i tørtid

But you can still find enough water for a cooling bath…

The dry season has started and even our morning strolls at the Xiloa- lagoon feel dry. Soft leaves give way to thorns, green mountainsides turn brown, mud to dust.

Tørt i Xiloa

The bindweeds from the rainy season are gone. Instead, prickles and dessicated branches dominate:

Xiloa, Mateare

Tørt i Xiloa

Up north it isn´t as dry yet, and this year´s bountiful rainy season continues. As late as last week they had a downpour in Esteli and Ocotol, as if we still were in January. I am beginning to get really tired of the frequent remark : ” It´s global warming!!”, even if it often is very true……

The coffee-harvest is still going on, and the country roads in the North are filled with trucks on their way to Sebaco, where the export companies have their drying plants.

Coffee and bananas grow in the same places, so I saw this trucks with bananas last week on my way between Matagalpa and Jinotega.

Llegando a Matagalpa


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