Everything you never thought needed to know about being a farmer

Material para dirigentes campesinos

They are finally here. For all those of us who have wanted to start an agricultural cooperative but  cooperative but never could find the right end of the ball of string to start, finally a resource where you can get all the advice and information necessary to satisfy the farmer in us all.

(Este articulo en español)

The Danish Committee for Solidarity with Central America has recently closed down its project PROMAT 2, which supported the founding and development of agricultural cooperatives in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The three partners in the project, UNAG, ATC and the Central America Committee have gathered a large portion of the experiences gained by the project, and especially by the participating farmers, and are now publishing them as manuals for the organized farmer.

The manuals are split into three: organization, administration and marketing; in addition a monthly calendar planner for 2009

The manuals are in simple and readable Spanish for the use of farmers elected to serve on the board or a commision of their cooperative. The calendar is designed as a daily tool for the active farmer to help organize his or her work in the cooperative.

Many of photographer Maj Britt Hansens pictures from the book Dreams and Hopes have found new use in the manuals.

The resources will soon be available on the UNAG Matagalpa website. Meanwhile, you can get download them here (PDF files 1.6 to 4.8MB):
Material para dirigentes campesinos

Organization manual (sp.)

Material para dirigentes campesinos

Administration manual (sp.)

Material para dirigentes campesinos

Marketing manual (sp.)

Material para dirigentes campesinos

Calender 2009 (sp.)


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