The vegetable garden war in Ciudad Sandino

Brigade 2008 i Ciudad Sandino

The Danish solidarity brigade has finished their village stay and their Easter vacation, and arrived to a barrio in Ciudad Sandino. They live with the local CPC (the citizen’s power committee) and work at a local kindergarden, improving a playground for the kindergarden and a little park for the barrio.

The experience has given them new insight into how Nicaraguan local politics work…

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The valley of delight

Luz de mañana

At last we found time to visit the Danish solidarity brigade in their village Las Delicias in Pantasma, up north in the Jinotega mountains. Delicia means delight, and the people who named this place were not far from the truth. It really is a delightful valley, Las Delicias.

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Otra vez con cheles

Otra vez con cheles...

“So here we are, once again with palefaces.”So said Juan Segundo to his wife when I arrived at his home in April, 1991. And here we again, with a new brigade…

It is Sunday, we are at the Estelimar Centre in Esteli. The brigade is in town for a week long Spanish course before they leave for the village.

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Settlers in a beanly paradise

La Pintada, Matagalpa

Yesterday we visited the Danish Nicaragua solidarity brigade 2007, who this year are living and working in La Pintada in Matagalpa. This village is one of the winners in the Las Tunas struggle, where a group of plantation workers, against all odds, turned the big coffee crisis of 2001 into a victory and won 5 coffee plantations from the bankrupt-stricken coffee planters of Matagalpa.

The Danish Solidarity Committee recomended this village to the brigade so we can learn more about this fight, and the new organisation, the Las Tunas Cooperative, that the 600 winners in this, Nicaragua’s latest “mini land-reform”, are creating.

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