Julio graduates from kindergarten


In Nicaragua you get a diploma for any- and everything, and yesterday we attended the ceremony for Julio and his fellow kindergarten graduates. The government home in Denmark would love the Nicaraguan school system: by and large no one learns anything, but examples are happily made and kids measured, weighed, examined, rewarded, and punished in the most fantastic variety of ways. But the solemnity that Nicaraguans give to even a kindergarten graduation is, I must say, genuine.
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In Papito´s back yard


José Flores is a former railroad worker. One of these stubborn men who, during the revolution, kept the strange railroad from Masaya to Corinto running. With far too many passengers on a rebuilt bus on rails, they inched though endless cotton plantations at twenty kilometers per hour.

Today he lives on his small pension as a public employee, and from renting some of his house to family members: a daughter, Nubia, and a grandchild, a young man with his wife and a small child.

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