Managua, the Venice of Central America

Invierno en Managua

It is not a river. It is one of the main avenues of Managua. Everything is normal. It´s just the rainy season.

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Otra vez con cheles

Otra vez con cheles...

“So here we are, once again with palefaces.”So said Juan Segundo to his wife when I arrived at his home in April, 1991. And here we again, with a new brigade…

It is Sunday, we are at the Estelimar Centre in Esteli. The brigade is in town for a week long Spanish course before they leave for the village.

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Small town, big Hell

Leon Viejo

At first sight it doesn´t look as much, Leon Viejo (Old Leon), Nicaragua´s first capital, founded in 1528 and given up only 82 years later.

A lovely village, a row of old foundations in an old pasture, under the cool shade of tall trees, a small hill, under which the little town fort lay buried until hurricane “Mitch” washed the bricks free of the soil in 1998), and a nice view over Lake Managua and the four surrounding volcanoes.

The view and the trees, the sense of the history of the place, and the indignation shown by our guide over what kind of people founded her country; these are the main attractions of the place.
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