Papi, I want to go home


Roberto in the taxi, on the way to the bus station.

-Papa, I want to go home.

It´s Roberto. He is standing there, crying. He isn’t drunk, but he has been drinking.

It’s 10 o’clock. He already came by once before this morning. Then, he didn’t want to go home. He wanted to work all day so that he could go home with his pockets full of money. In order to save just a little face with his family back home in Esteli. But now here he is, back already, without a single coin in his pocket. Another day that started out full of determination and detoured to drink the moment he earned his first peso. Continue reading


Everything you never thought needed to know about being a farmer

Material para dirigentes campesinos

They are finally here. For all those of us who have wanted to start an agricultural cooperative but  cooperative but never could find the right end of the ball of string to start, finally a resource where you can get all the advice and information necessary to satisfy the farmer in us all.

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In Papito´s back yard


José Flores is a former railroad worker. One of these stubborn men who, during the revolution, kept the strange railroad from Masaya to Corinto running. With far too many passengers on a rebuilt bus on rails, they inched though endless cotton plantations at twenty kilometers per hour.

Today he lives on his small pension as a public employee, and from renting some of his house to family members: a daughter, Nubia, and a grandchild, a young man with his wife and a small child.

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