Slide shows

Maibris Miranda & OsoCarrito 4Brigaden i La Pintada 006Planton por el Aborto Terapuetico, 17.5.07,5

These are slide shows sets of pictures I have posted on Flickr.

  • Terrabona: The Miranda Jarquin family raise cattle in El Arado, Terrabona.
  • Sven and Maggan in Cenmtral America: Us, friends, travels and dogs.
  • Brigade 2007: The Danish solidarity brigade 200y lived in a coffee cooperative in La Pintada in Matagalpa – victors in an unemployment crisis that they through hard struggle turned into a mini land reform.
  • Campaign for women´s life: The Nicaraguan women´s movement campaigned for pregnant women´s right to live, May-June 2007.
  • PROMAT: a solidarity project working with farmers in Matagalpa.
  • ´Scapes.

Don Irineo de TerrabonaMontaña Grande, Terrabona


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